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Bike diva

Bikes rock

Bikes rule

Cars suck!

I live to ride

Enjoy the ride

Biker groupie

Live the dream

One life ride it

Rev up F@$k off

Addicted to bikes

Biker bankrupt’e

Hung like a harley

My life is a Blur…

Speed is an illusion

One life live it!

Owned by my bike

Been there road that

Ride hard ride fast

Just twist the wrist!

Get a life get a bike

Ride it don’t knock it

I’d rather be riding

Love me love my bikes

Ride it like you stole it

Ride me ride my bike

Destination anywhere

Speed cameras suck

Live life on empty roads

I ride. Why don’t you?

On the road to nowhere

I’d rather ride my bike

It’s not about the number of wheels, it’s about the degree of freedom

If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough

Getting high on life..Down the never ending road…Just me and my ride

Who needs a stereo when you’ve got a throttle? (time to turn up the volume)

Safely in a pretty well- preserved body, but rather to skid in

Plays well with the devil

Every lane is a passing lane

Biking it’s a way of life

I run it lean.. in the corners

Grasp life by the handlebars

Life without bikes- no life

If speed is a sin, I am a sinner

All lanes are passing lanes

Born to ride forced to work

So many roads so little time

The journey is the destination

I do my flying on the ground

My next hubby won’t have bikes

It’s the attitude not the altitude

Where there is a wheel, there is a way

When does the road end? Never

Never confuse the map with the journey

Work-life balance is like air-fuel mixture

We can stop anytime. But who wants to?

Roll on the black road on a red machine

On my way to nowhere… and proud of it

No riding, no fun. Know riding, know fun

My job? Just something I do between rides

It’s a biker thing you wouldn’t understand

The faster we go, the more life slows down

I don’t know where the bike end and I begin

Hobbies: riding…. Interests: riding… What I do for fun: riding… you get the point

Some people measure their adventures in miles or days. I prefer “Horizons crossed”

Safety is a state of mind, neither influenced nor restricted by how you ride or what you wear

Broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming….Wow! What a ride!

The holy trinity: tracion, torque and tarmac

Getting there isn’t easy and that’s the best part

If the ride is so smooth, you’re in the wrong lane

Most people take the subway. have fun most people

Life begins at 40, but it doesn’t get interesting till 150

One question we’ve never heard is, “are we there yet?”

I don’t suffer insanity, I enjoy every minute of it- I ride

The destination is one thing, getting there is everything

Sometimes the morning commute can get a little bumpy

If you need a reason to ride, you are not on the right bike

I’m a cowboy; A steel horse I ride.. I’m wanted.. Dead or alive

What you ride is what you get. how you ride is who you are

Never ask me for directions if you’re in a hurry to get there

Rover, Wanderer, Nomad, Vagebond… Call me what you will

If heaven doesn’t allow bikes, I will ride mine straight to hell

I have never known any stress that a days riding did not relieve

Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window

When someone says “lets go” you shouldn’t have to ask “where?”

Lean into the corners and whisper something dirty to the pavement

Beyond good and evilsome take drugs, some do bungee jumps, some become monks, I do motorcycling…..!

While some people are choosing between chicken and fish, my choice is between dust and mud (with rocks on the side)

I would rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God, than sitting in a temple thinking about my motorcycle.

Life is a journey to the grave with intentions of arriving