Horse related slogans.

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Ride on

Giddy up

Game on!

Let’s ride!

Foxy lady

Foxy chick

I am the stud

Silly mare

God I’m good

Horse chick

Enjoy the ride

Saddlebred baby

Eat, sleep, ride

It’s a horse thing

Stroppy mare

Horse bankrupt’e

Muck monster

Wish I had a pony

One life ride it

Horse ‘n’ around

Cheeky monkey

Come ride with me

It’s time to ride

Farmer in training

Live breath jump

My horse ate my homework

Plays well with stallions

Jumpers do it over the fence

Wouldn’t you just love to

Born to ride forced to work

You want me to jump that!

Like my horse I’m just perfect

I just love a good whipping

Trot canter gallop ohhhh Shit

Horse people are stable people

Your not “horse design” the boss

My next wife won’t have horses

Good on men excellent on horses

I’m not fat I’m in show condition

I like my hubby but I love my horse

To love the kids is to love horses!

Saw it wanted it threw a tantrum got it, result!

Been there jumped that got the scars to prove it

Horses! The best way to turn money into manure

Horses are like chocolates you can’t just have one

Put some excitement between your legs, ride a horse

What every woman wants a man with deep pockets

I have never known any stress that an hours riding did not relieve

Kick on

Get over it

Saddle up

Horse diva

Game Bird

Horses rock

Gone riding

Pedigree Bitch

Ride in style

Horse groupie

Horses rule

Devil in training

Let’s horse around

Talk to the hoof

Addicted to horses

Let’s see you jump it

Living the dream

Little muck magnet

I’d rather be riding

Hold your horses

I only ride stallions

Ride hard ride fast

Hung like a stallion

Barn boss “horse pic”

I’m in shape- round is a shape

I was brought up in a stable

A woman’s place is on a horse

Real girls do it in the saddle

Play with me play with horses

I’d rather be riding- horses!

Dressage! It’s bloody stressage

Life without horses- No life

Dances with horses “dressage pic”

Happiness is a horse & a rich hubby

Thoroughbred & swung like one too

Addicted? possessed is a better word

Happiness is 16 hands between the legs

The hardest part of riding? The ground

If you’re happy with second, follow me

If I’m clean I haven’t been to the stables

If you can’t read this please put me back in the saddle

Why let horses frustrate us when we have men for that!

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway

If you need a reason to ride, you are not on the right horse

Hobbies: Riding… Interests: Riding… What I do for fun: Riding… You get the point

Fine Filly

Dizzy filly

It’s ride time

Jump to it

Stroppy cow

Neigh lass

Unpaid groom

I love to ride

Ride with pride

Mum’s slave

Hunter jumper

Spoilt rotten

Talk to the shoe

In it to win it

Owned by my horse

Ride it don’t knock it

Head up heels down

Ride me ride my horse

Heels down arse up?

Ride it like you stole it

Little muck monster

Love me love my horse

Just horsing around

Plays well with horses

Get a life get a horse

I’d rather ride a horse

Been there jumped that

I am the muck monster

Live “horse pic” the dream

High maintenance mare

I am the crazy horse lady

The horse made me do it

Dressage it’s a way of life

Riders do it in the stable

Without horses life would be a mistake

Saw it wanted it threw a tantrum got it

My job? Just something I do between rides

Sex is good but the horse always comes 1st

It’s a horse thing you wouldn’t understand

Winning isn’t everything, It’s the only thing

Hubby says him or the horse! I don’t miss him just his money!

What you ride is what you get. How you ride is who you are

If you can’t stand up and be counted, lie down and be mounted

Like horse I’m not cheap, I get moody and can be difficult to mount

Grooming the process by which dirt is transferred from horse to rider